We Bet Only True Fanatics Of Pokeverse Can Ace This Trivia Quiz!!

Did you know that Pokemon has become the most famous franchise over the globe? Well, yes, it might be surprising for you to know as it has beaten Disney, superheroes, and even star wars. You should know that Pokemon has already ruled the gaming world with its super moves and cuteness. If you are a true fanatic of pokeverse, then you should take this pokemon quiz and see whether you can ace it or not. You can test out your knowledge and skill of the top leading franchise. 

When Did You Know About Pokemon? Was It Through TV Series Or Online? Or Did You Find Out About Them Through Mobile Games? 

Well, for most of us, it would be a TV show. The franchise of Pokemon has introduced the pokeverse in our childhood and evolved most of us into deep love. Even now, many of us get nostalgic about how much fun we had watching Pokemon. 

Besides, you cannot overestimate the cultural significance that Pokemon brought to the world. As you already know that the TV show became popular between the 1990s and early 2000s. It has also brought various video games and cards to the public. That means almost every millennial knows about Pokemon and fosters deep love among these creatures. 

Now, you know that Pokemon is available in a wide range of sources. Let us look over the most famous source of Pokemon, which could help you acing this pokemon trivia quiz. 

  • Television Show 

For most millennials born between the 1990s to 2000s, the interest in Pokemon began from the TV show, which most of you are eager to watch almost every day. The franchise has introduced the title of “Catch them all” to maintain the heritage of Pokemon and pass this obsession to younger generations. It helps in maintaining the heritage and experience gained through pokemon training for the year to come. 

Let’s show millennials the world of Pokemon and what a Pokeball can do, and why do you have to keep all Pokemon safe. As there are many ways to enjoy everything that the franchise has to offer, as a true fanatic, you are bound to maintain the heritage of Pokemon. Well, if you want to ace this pokemon quiz, you better need some knowledge to know about the latest findings associated with pokeverse. 

  • Facts You Should Know About Pokemon!!!
  • The franchise has introduced the latest TV series that is a Pokemon journey. It is the further story of the most popular TV show where it begins from the fascinating adventure of Ash and his loyal friend Pikachu. Are you ready to see the latest version of the Pokemon series? If yes, you can stream it online from your mobile. The franchise has introduced new adventures and new friends. The company still has two episodes to release and surprise us more. 
  • The franchise has also introduced its amazing game: Pokemon Go, where players can catch a pokemon using their device. The best thing about the game is that they introduce new tournaments, tasks, and awards achievements every day and month. This way, the Pokemon franchise is able to keep fanatics engaged with the gameplay. 
  • You must have heard about the pokemon trading card games, which are the new additions to the franchise. In addition, every year, they introduced new pokemon tournament seasons with unique features and rules to ramp up the excitement. 

  • Some legendary pokemon, including Keldeo, Virizion, Terrakion, and Cobalion, is known as the swords of justice. However, the concept is totally based on “the three musketeers” described in a french novel by Alexandre Dumas. Virizion is the most romantic, vain, and feminine member of the group. Terrakion is the largest, heaviest, and strongest member of the group. Cobalion is known as the de facto leader and the oldest member of the group. At last, keldeo is the latest and the youngest addition to the group of justice. 
  • Cosmoem is the heaviest Pokemon in the pokeverse despite having 0.1-meter height, yet it weighs over 999.9 kgs. Thus, the franchise has tied cosmoem with cutiefly, flabebe, joltik, and convey a group of smallest Pokemon while celesteela is known as the heaviest Pokemon. The primary reason behind its heaviness is that it is born out of protostar. You should know that protostars are amazingly dense small stars, which contain an infinite amount of mass fitted into a small surface. However, it is quite astonishing that Lillie could carry the weight of a cosmoem in her bag. 
  • Did you know that wailord is way lighter than it appears? Despite having a big appearance, the warlord is categorized among the lighter-weight Pokemon. That’s why it can float in the air for a couple of moments. In addition, you should know that wailord weighs 398 kgs only. That implies that it has a BMI of less than 1.9. 
  • Did you know that ‘splash’ is not related to water? Many of you might wonder why splash moves around in the air. Well, you should know that in Japanese, “the move” also means hop and splash. That’s the reason why hoppip and spoink were able to learn the move even though they are non-water-type Pokemon. This fact also explains why splash freezes when psychic gravity comes into play. 

If you still think you have the guts to ace this pokemon trivia quiz, enter and test out your knowledge.