Muve Challenged by Rhapsody! Who Wins?

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Muve music service on Cricket’s 3G wireless phones offer unlimited full-track music downloads as well as ringtones. The service comes as a monthly subscription, but Cricket did not stop here. It filled out its music service package with features such as music sharing, social networking, and a music recognition service.

So if a customer finds a song they love they can give a friend a “shout” through SMS or networking. If they want to know more about a song they can send out a query that will give music information within moments.

Rhapsody comes as a free online music service, phone music service, or a subscription based music service. For a price range of 99 cents to about $1.29, one can buy his favorite song. For a monthly subscription fee, the member can listen to millions of songs. He can keep songs he purchased, but songs stuck in the library will be only available as long as the subscription lasts.

Muve’s sharing feature fits into the generation Y’s need to share the fun, and the Muve Music service gives several ways to do that. People love to share experiences, memories, and everything else in between. And this route lets everyone do it legally for an affordable price.

Muve comes as a great service, but only found on the Cricket mobile devices. Cricket’s proprietary compression technology reduces file size, gives high quality sound, but it is not your standard mp3 format. Muve in late 2011 entered a new platform, and is now available for Android smartphones.

Connecting social networks and recognition features offer easy ways to discuss groups, bands or creative music pieces. Here is where Rhapsody challenges Muve.

In this feat, Rhapsody has more flexibility in moving files from computer to mobile devices. It also uses several lines of mobile platforms such as Android, Apple, and Blackberry.

Rhapsody essentially rents music to a consumer with its subscription service. It organizes songs into categories, which make music lists personal; but if one forgets to renew the subscription fee, his music library dissolves as well.

Rhapsody challenges Muve and Muve challenges Rhapsody. Either way, both services offer access to songs from a variety of venues and artists from days past and innovative leading groups playing today.

Both services have high customer satisfaction. Declaring who is the winner depends more on the availability of the service in your area. The decision also relies on what your needs are as a consumer for phone service or music service.

Either service will give any music aficionados the music they crave. This is the great thing about these music services—it is the consumer who benefits a lot. You, as the consumer, choose how you want your music to be delivered on a particular device, and how you want to share and organize it. So in this round, it is the consumer who wins.


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