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Evil Genius is a strategy simulation game, designed ’60s spy thriller style. Everything about it from the clean white suits, slicked-back hair of the important male characters, and overly dressed important female characters with the fluffy collars on their long expensive white coats – gives it that Austin Powers and James Bond style. The game strikes me as aiming at being a bit cartoon-like, which is a nice touch and sets it apart from other games of its a genre in this way.

You are an evil genius bent on achieving global domination. Your aim is to be the most notorious criminal mastermind in town, well, in the whole world! To achieve this you must build a top-secret underground headquarters, from which to manage your evil plots. Once you have built the basics concerning the HQ, you move into the big wide world. You can situate your men anywhere around the world to either make money (I say make but I mean steal), commit acts of infamy (plan evil plots), or just hide in the case of there being a nasty looking local official lurking in a nearby area. Committing acts of infamy enables you to research evil plots to gain notoriety. The tricky part comes in doing this, but not raising too much suspicion in the process. The more suspicion you raise in the different continents of the world the higher your ‘heat’ level gets. If it gets too high then you’re in for trouble. Men from the other continents will invade your HQ and most likely you can say bye to most of your men, rooms, and even your evil genius if you’re unlucky.

A nice touch and a very useful way to defend yourself from such invasions are to build traps. Traps in this game are a whole lot of fun and they are pretty sophisticated – they can be positioned independent of the trigger mechanisms, then linked together.

I must say that getting through the stages is fairly tedious and can take a long time even though it not being that ‘demanding’. However, there are lots of jokes and neat little things I picked up on along the way that made me laugh, like the silly little animations when one of your men is torturing a captured foe, sometimes your man will dance or spin him around in his torturing chair. In fact, the attention to detail in the game struck me as being very advanced, the character animations are so extensive, there are complicated animations for every action that your character will do. One thing that made me laugh in particular is the ability to use the industrial-sized mixing bowl in the mess hall – which is chiefly intended for feeding your hungry minions – to torture your victims.

Overall I would say it’s a well thought out game and very enjoyable if a bit boring at times. I’m going to give Evil Genius a 7/10.


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