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WEP_Kabal writes “Report: The military shooter ‘Ghost Recon 2’ will arrive first quarter 2005…

Sadly, it seems that PC TacSim fans will have to wait for the latest most anticipated game: The military-shooter Ghost Recon 2 for the PC will arrive in the First Quarter of 2005. This was announced by publisher Ubisoft at the recently finished Games Convention in Leipzig (Germany). In return, you should be pleased to hear that it will include exclusive content, which will not be present in the console-versions released at the end of this year. On the Games Convention, Ubisoft sadly only presented the XBox- and PS2-version.

The XBox-version made a very good impression graphically. Furthermore, the developers promised the PC to be using textures with higher resolutions and better looking effects. Besides the optical improvements, the biggest change compared to it’s predecessor, is the additional Third-Person-View and the new command-interface. Instead of circuitously directing your team-members with a map, you now use handsignals to position them directly where you want them. Ubisoft has also decided to rely on multiple squads. In Ghost Recon 2, you and your 3 team-members will be left to rely more on each other. Changing characters is no longer possible either. Ubisoft believes this will make the player identify himself more with the main character. In total, the game will be more action-packed and easier accessible/userfriendly.

Using this Third-Person-View (which can be switched off) the player is expected to be drawn more into the game-events and the war-atmosphere. Thanks to the very well animated and modelled soldiers, even the inveterate Ghost Recon-player, should experience a lot of fun with the new perspective. Don’t worry though, for in Multiplayer the server-admin can set the game to be played using the classic First-Person-View.

Ghost Recon 2 for the Xbox includes 15 solo-missions and additonally, nearly as many Mulitplayer-maps. Even when the background-scenarios for the PC could be different (compared to the Xbox) one can expect the game to be of similar size. In our screenshot-gallery and download-section, you will find all available images and videos regarding Ghost Recon 2. On the offical website you will also find first impressions about the game. One has got to wonder if this will greatly affect the sales of GR2 as games such as Close Combat: First to Fight will be arriving on the market at a similar time, possibly taking the spotlight from the new game.. Thoughts?


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