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NOVEMBER 16TH, 2004: HALF-LIFE 2, THE WORLDS MOST ANTICIPATED PC GAME SEQUEL MARVALED FANS THE WORLD OVER. Valve Corporation certainly did an outstanding job creating this multi-million dollar game title.

Half-Life, yet again, stars the silent man named Gordon Freeman, an X-Black Mesa scientist who has a high warrant placed upon his head. Gordon starts out in the midst of a revolution comprised of rebels that are fighting for there freedom against the Combine, the control; City 17’s form of government. He is sent in a loop, as an underground experiment goes horror ably wrong. The intense game play interlaced with the Source engine brings; A simply astounding, an overkill headshot to gamers alike.

The physic system that is being wielded by this notorious game title brings together interactivity, a sense reality, some ground breaking game play, and numerous hours of hilarious (and serious) entertainment. Objects obey the laws of physics just like their life like counterparts. A set weight attribute, gravity, buoyancy, and friction brings together one of the most interactive environments ever assembled in a game. This high level of interactivity can’t be fun without a well built environment.

The graphics of Half-Life 2 are cutting the blade behind the leading edge of gaming. The high level of surface texture effects brings a resonating harmonization of Technicolor bursts from this infamous marvel of a master piece. The high level digital actors are made to super-impose there reality counterpart, and with such amazing detail, they are given the intelligence of an advanced AI.

Ever wonder how a dog learns? Or what about how a 7 year old that can learn how to get through any environment you try to embed it in? The advanced artificial intelligence behind Half-Life 2 will not only plan out a the best tactical way to infiltrate a building or any situation given; while your playing favorite mp3’s, but it also will simulate the learning process that a creature might encounter when its being messed around with. Seriously, when you play this game, try this: In the beginning of the game, mess with one of the guards. Pick up a box or suit case and throw it at him. Notice he reacts, but not to furiously. Keep messing with him and you may notice he will keep his electrical club out when you’re around him. He will even start chasing you if you get to close! A mind bending AI laces together physics, digital actors, and stunning graphics that simply make up Half-Life 2.

Kicking the world in the head, Valve has put there fans and n00bs alike into a state of coma, filled with seizures and convulsions that will forever be known as the game that revolutionized game play. Certainly this is the best game ever. Will it be forever known as “the best game ever made?” Well, maybe it will retain its title until the day Half-Life 3 comes out. 🙂


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