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Judging from the title of this game, the game is obviously about motorcycles. MotoGP is a game in which you take the role of any racer that you choose, and you will get to take part in different races to achieve the fastest timings and the highest rankings.

Firstly, let me brief you on the technical aspects of the game. To control your racer: Press <2> or <Up> to accelerate. Press <8> or <Down> to brake. Use <4> or <Left> and <6> or <Right> to steer left and right respectively. There’re 3 modes of gameplay that you can choose from: Quick Race, Time Attack and Grand Prix. For Quick Race, you’ll be racing against 4 other opponents for 2 laps. The fastest to finish the race wins. For Time Attack, you’re racing against time and your fastest timing within 9 laps will be taken down. For Grand Prix, you’ll be first competing in the Africa’s Grand Prix and if you emerge victorious, you’ll get 10 points for the racer table.

The 1st runner-up gets 7 points, 2nd runner-up gets 5 points. The 4th and 5th place racers get 2 points and 0 point respectively. Then you’ll move on the the Gran Premio De La Valencia track. And finally, you’ll be competing in the Rio Grand Prix. There are 3 different race courses you can select when playing the Quick Race mode and Time attack mode: Africa’s Grand Prix (4242m), Gran Premio De La Valenciana (4005m) and the Rio Grand Prix (4933m). Be wary that a shorter course does not necessarily mean an easier course.

For beginners, it might be more ideal to choose the longer courses as they have gentler turns and you’ll be able to maneuver your motorbike more easily. There are many teams for you to choose from :Team Honda (V. Rossi), Team Yamaha (M. Biaggi), Yamaha Tech 3,Team Yamaha ( C.Checa), Antena 3 Yamaha-d’Antin, Repsol YPF Honda Team (I. Criville), Telefonica Movistar (S. Gibernau), Repsol YPF Honda Team ( T. Ukawa), Telefonica Movistar (K. Roberts), Red Bull Yamaha WCM (G. McCoy). I’m not sure what difference do all these teams make, but to me personally, they look and perform at the same standard. The game is not as easy to pick up as some other games. The controls are simple, but controlling the angle and speed of your motorbike is not. It requires some experimenting and familiarizing and it’s not easy because of the limited flexibility of the keys on the phone.

At the same time, it’s not all that interesting because no matter which team you choose, the performance does not differ much. Furthermore, all the 3 race courses are essentially very similar. Even the scenery doesn’t change much! There are not many distinct features that will differentiate the 3, thus even with the numerous options offered to us that we can choose from, it feels pretty much the same. Gamers are also unable to change the number of laps to race, so for someone looking for a quick game, the Time Attack mode takes way too long. Maybe for motorbike race games enthusiasts, this game may prove to be a bigger attraction. But for me, I think this game is monotonous and lacking in details. It’s not a bad game at all, but I would think that there are better designed games out in the market.


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