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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Welcome to the first persistent online galaxy. Earth & Beyond offers up the next generation of online role playing games as it places you in the center of your own science fiction adventure. A gorgeous, expansive setting is filled with both familiar and alien worlds. Venture to the rings of Saturn and explore the moons of Jupiter. Then, travel through one of the many star gates to be instantly transported to wondrous worlds you’ve never even dreamed about.

Power up your very own starship and customize it to best match your adventures. Hi-tech lasers, cloaking devices, shields and more will be available to you from the moment you start playing. As you advance through the game, upgrade your hull, mount more weaponry, and add decals to symbolize your voyages. Your ship quickly becomes a visual representation of your in-game stature. You determine how you play. No longer is advancement achieved solely through combat. If your wish is to explore the vast reaches of space, or to make your fortune by trading in the galactic network – do it!

Players are awarded experience points and levels for all play styles. An evolving story and constantly updated content mean you’ll never lack for new challenges. Hundreds of planned missions and an unlimited number of randomly generated missions ensure that you’ll never want for something to do, whether you have 30 minutes, or three hours to play. Things get even more intense when a mysterious and bloodthirsty alien race invades human space. The Earth & Beyond world needs willing adventurers to help. Are you up to the challenge?

  • Choose your destiny — Live the adventure you want to live. Be a tradesman, earning wealth and power. Be an explorer, discovering the mysteries of the universe. Or be a warrior, protecting the weak, crushing those who would oppose you. Be what you want to be.
  • Power up your own starship — You’ll own a powerful vehicle that you’ll be able to customize in thousands of ways. Buy new experimental engines, discover forbidden weapons based on alien technology, and earn decals and ornaments after completing missions. Your ship will be as unique as you are.
  • Experience the limitless possibilities — The Earth & Beyond universe is populated with thousands of players, each with their own identities and agendas. Your role in this thriving community, protector or destroyer, rogue or do-gooder, is up to you.
  •  The first persistent galaxy — It’s a big universe and you choose your own path. Witness the birth of stars and watch black holes feed off suns. Scavenge in a ship graveyard as you dodge drones. Be the first to see an alien world and help fight off their invasion. Destroy a pirate camp or join the pirates. All you need ask is “How far will you go?”


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