Apps like Pinterest: Discover New Platforms for Inspiration

Looking for Pinterest alternatives? Whether you’re a designer, artist, or just someone who loves visual inspiration, several apps like Pinterest can offer what Pinterest does and more. Let’s explore some of the best apps like Pinterest that can help you find and organize your creative ideas.

Juxtapost: A Strong Competitor to Pinterest

Juxtapost is a strong competitor to Pinterest. It offers similar to Pinterest features, such as creating categories and sharing them with others. You can collaborate on categories and use the “More Like This” tab to find similar content without leaving the page. A unique feature is the ability to save bookmarked content as a spreadsheet, which can be handy for organizing your inspiration. If you’re looking for a Pinterest alternative, Juxtapost is definitely worth checking out.

We Heart It: A Simpler Alternative to Pinterest

We Heart It targets a younger demographic and offers a more basic experience unlike Pinterest. You can “love” different art images and gather your inspiration in one place. Although it lacks the pinning aspect and doesn’t have boards, it still allows you to collect and save images. The “Heart Button” extension helps you submit images from the web to your feed. If you want a simpler app like Pinterest, We Heart It might be the right choice for you.

Designspiration is perfect for those seeking design-related visuals. It focuses on high-quality design content and allows you to search for inspiration by keywords. This platform is ideal for designers looking to find plenty of new ideas and trends in their field. If you use Pinterest mainly for design inspiration, Designspiration is a great alternative to Pinterest.

Dribbble: A Social Networking Platform for Designers

Dribbble is a social media platform for designers. It allows you to showcase your work, connect with other designers, and find high-quality design inspiration. Dribbble is known for its professional user base and high-quality content, making it one of the best Pinterest alternatives for designers.

Pearltrees: Organize Your Interests into “Pearls”

Pearltrees lets you organize your interests into collections called “pearls.” You can share these collections with others and collaborate on projects. This platform is great for organizing and discovering new content in a visually appealing way. If you’re looking for apps similar to Pinterest that offer unique organizing features, Pearltrees is worth a try.

Behance: A Platform for Creatives by Adobe

Behance, created by Adobe, is a platform for creatives to showcase their work and connect with other professionals. It allows you to create a portfolio, get feedback, and appreciate other members’ work. Behance is ideal for visual designers looking to build their professional network and find inspiration for designers and creatives.

Pexels: A Vast Collection of Free High-Quality Images and Videos

Pexels offers a vast collection of visual content, including high-quality images and videos for free. You can download and use these resources without worrying about copyright issues. Pexels is a great alternative to Pinterest for finding visual inspiration and stock photos.

VisualizeUS: Emphasizing Picture and Video Sharing

VisualizeUS emphasizes picture and video sharing. It has an extension that makes it easy to add pictures from the web to the platform. The “Shuffle” feature allows you to refresh the page for new content, making it a fun way to discover new inspiration. If you’re looking for apps and sites like Pinterest that focus on visual sharing, VisualizeUS is a good option.

Instagram: More Than Just Daily Life Photos

Instagram is not just for sharing daily life photos; it’s also a great source of inspiration. You can follow designers, design agencies, and blogs to get a daily dose of creativity. The “Explore” feature helps you discover new accounts and hashtags related to your interests. While Instagram and Pinterest serve different purposes, there’s no reason you can’t use both for visual inspiration.

FoodGawker: A Niche Alternative to Pinterest for Food Lovers

FoodGawker is perfect for food lovers. It allows you to browse and share food images, making it a great platform for finding culinary inspiration. You can search for recipes and food photography, making it a niche alternative to Pinterest. If you mainly use Pinterest for food inspiration, FoodGawker is definitely worth checking out.

Fancy: Fashion and Lifestyle Content Galore

Fancy focuses on fashion and lifestyle content. It allows you to discover and share fashion-related images and products. Fancy is ideal for those looking for inspiration in fashion and lifestyle. If you like recipes, fashion, and lifestyle content, Fancy might be the Pinterest alternative for you. A Minimalist Platform for Organizing and Sharing Ideas is a platform for organizing and sharing ideas. It allows you to create collections of images, links, and notes. is great for those who want a more minimalist and organized way to gather inspiration. If you find Pinterest too cluttered, might be the perfect alternative to Pinterest for you.

Cosmos: A Unique Way to Organize and Discover Content

Cosmos offers a unique way to organize and discover and save content. It allows you to create boards and add content from the web. Cosmos is a good alternative to Pinterest for those looking for a simple and effective way to organize their inspiration.

Piccsy: Another Platform for Discovering and Sharing Visual Content

Piccsy is another Pinterest alternative for discovering and sharing visual content. It focuses on high-quality images and allows you to create collections. Piccsy is a good option for those looking for a visually appealing way to gather inspiration.

Liqurious: A Food-Focused Platform for Culinary Inspiration

Liqurious is a food-focused platform that allows you to discover and share food-related content. It is perfect for those looking for culinary inspiration and recipes. If you mainly use Pinterest for food inspiration, Liqurious is another great alternative to Pinterest.

Craftgawker: A Platform for Discovering and Sharing Craft Projects

Craftgawker is a platform for discovering and sharing craft-related content. It allows you to browse and share craft projects, making it a great alternative to Pinterest for those looking for DIY inspiration.

Mix: Personalized Content Curation Based on User Preferences

Mix curates content that suits your preferences. It allows you to discover new content tailored to your interests. Mix is a good alternative to Pinterest for those looking for personalized inspiration. Formerly known as Stumbleupon, Mix uses these posts to curate a personalized feed of content for each user.

Figma: A Cloud-Based Design Tool for Real-Time Collaboration

Figma is a cloud-based design tool that allows for real-time collaboration. It is perfect for designers looking to work on projects together and find inspiration in a collaborative environment. If you’re looking for apps similar to Pinterest that offer design collaboration features, Figma is worth checking out.

Canva: An Easy-to-Use Design Tool with Thousands of Free Templates

Canva offers thousands of templates, images, and videos for free. It is a great platform for creating and sharing visual content. Canva is ideal for those looking for an easy-to-use design tool that offers a large and active community of designers.


Pinterest is a fantastic platform for finding and organizing visual inspiration. However, many best Pinterest alternatives offer unique features and benefits. Whether you’re a designer, artist, or just someone who loves visual content, these apps like Pinterest can help you find and organize your creative ideas. Feel free to explore these top Pinterest alternatives and see which one works best for you.






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